Art and Earth juried art exhibition
May 20

Art and Earth juried art exhibition

  • Berkley Art Council

The Art and Earth juried exhibit attracted 144 works by 60 artists from 20 states. Juror Sonya Evanisko selected 46 works by 37 artists for the exhibit, which opens April 5, 2017 at the Berkeley Art Works, 116 North Queen Street in Martinsburg. There will be a reception Friday, April 21 from 5-7pm.

DRI GOODS: The Art of Entrepreneurship Silent Auction
5:00 pm17:00

DRI GOODS: The Art of Entrepreneurship Silent Auction

  • Platte Forum

Denver Retail Incubator presents: The Art of Entrepreneurship Fundraiser for local business promotion. Join community members at the Platte Forum on 2400 Curtis Street, Denver CO to converse, eat, drink and bid on local artwork for charity. 

intrinsic. sculptural wood carving by dannon schroeder
May 15

intrinsic. sculptural wood carving by dannon schroeder

  • Rockler Woodworking & Hardware

intrinsic. sculptural wood carvings by dannon schroeder exemplifies a contemporary approach to traditional wood carving and the application of the versatile medium. Works on display include wall mounted and pedestal carvings that invite the viewer to question their relationship and affect within the natural world. 

Edge Gallery Annual Juried Show
Feb 28

Edge Gallery Annual Juried Show

  • Edge Gallery

Annual Juried Exhibition features various medias from the following artists:

Adkisson, Amanda Untitled #1
Alfonso, Vince Heartful
Ambro, Adam Jeep No. 1
Bearden, Denise Joy
Blake, Susan Flow
Bogaert, Shelley Modern Family: Canadian #3
Caruso, Amelia And saw it through without exemption
Christian, Cody I Was Running Through Yr Snapchat....
Cooper, Jodie Solid Arch
Cordon, Shana Urban Collage 101
Crumley, Loggie The Watcher
Davis, Deborah Ebony
Duddy, Robert Theres NoPlace Like Home
Ellis, Gregory The Milk Drinker
Elsberg, Paul Lark ascending
Gonzales, Adelina Arabian Nights
Hansel, Leslie Distracted
Hanson, Maddie How many times
Laz, Melinda Labrynth
Madden, Paige Push
Meiklejohn, David Entropy
Miller, Zachary TRAP
Ng, Nicolas Pu Yi
Palmeri, Josh Brown is the new black II
Plastini, Johnny Into the void -- the diptych only is fine with me
Prago, Rachel Farmhouse
Schroeder, Dannon Induce
Scott, Catherine Wall Construct #62
Sexton, Brandon Homo Sacer
Starer, Noah Femur
Wasinger, Susan Things I Forgot to Say

Media Matters
Oct 16

Media Matters

  • Foundry Art Centre

Artists choose the materials and processes they work with carefully. Painters use oils, acrylics, or watercolors for specific reasons, as artists in other media choose to work with wood, metal, textiles, clay, etc. to fully express their ideas with intention. This all-media exhibition invites artists to submit artwork that best expresses why they use the media they do. Artwork may be about any theme or subject matter of the artists’ choosing.  The overall intent of this exhibition is to share innovative and exemplary works utilizing an array of processes and materials. 

May 9


  • Hera Gallery

OPENING RECEPTION: Saturday April, 11th 6-9 p.m.

Juror: Dina Deitsch, curator of Contemporary Art at deCordave Sculpture Park and Museum in Lincoln, MA

Water is the medium of life. We are born from water and remain mostly water until we return to dust. Water in dynamic cyclic flow forms 70% of the earth’s surface creating interconnected patterns of life in scaled interrelationships. Civilizations have flourished and evolved by harnessing the flow of water. Water has been essential for economic growth and has become a playground for fun and adventure.  We are inspired by the beauty and sublime nature of water. These days, contemporary water issues are also creating debates over conflicting interests at local and global levels. Concerns over enough clean drinking water, rising sea levels, powerful storms or droughts spurred by what most believe are climate change forces, fracking and energy needs, and transnational controls of water rights are just some of our worries.

This national juried exhibition at Hera Gallery seeks a varied perspective on contemporary views of water as an essential element. Political, social, environmental and aesthetic themes related to water in all media will be considered.

Balance/Unbalance International Conference Exhibition
Mar 28

Balance/Unbalance International Conference Exhibition

  • The Night Gallery

OPENING RECEPTION: Thursday March, 26th. 6-9 pm

Drainage is an EcoArt series displaying intricately crafted wood sculptures that both visually and conceptually address many of the key topics presented at the Balance-Unbalance 2015 Conference. Created within this past year, these artworks resonate with deeply rooted references to ecology, biology and sociobiology. The sculptures directly address topics such as water access and sustainability, climate change, environmental awareness and urban growth. The work has been crafted using locally salvage woods and desert foliage as well as reclaimed hardwoods.

 Selected works will be on exhibition at Water, Climate and Place, Re-Imagining Environments at the 2015 Balance/Unbalance International Conference.




The Biophilia Complex
Oct 25

The Biophilia Complex

  • Step Gallery at Grant Street Studios


The Biophilia Complex – woodwork by Dannon Schroeder

[Bio- (biological life) -philia (denoting fondness)] is the innate affinity of human beings to the nature world.  

The Biophilia Complex is an enticing array of finely crafted wood sculptures that expose the brittle and intimate connections between humankind and the natural world.  These visually stimulating wood carvings mimic biological organisms, emulate manmade objects and infuse their relationship with a deeply rooted reference to anatomy (body), dendrology (tree) and ecology (environment) providing an insight into both the beauty and misfortune of the world we have all created.

Dec 20

Fiasco: The Art of Failure

Fiasco: The Art of Failure

December 6th – 20th, 2013


Frontal Lobe Gallery at Bragg’s Pie Factory

1301 Grand Avenue, Ste. 2B, Phoenix, AZ 85007

Opening Reception, Friday, December 6th 2013, 6 -10 PM


The exhibition will be open to the public on the first and third Fridays of December from 6:00PM until 10:00PM or by appointment.

According to some sources, the term fiasco was used by Venetian glass artists to refer to a blown-glass bottle, which was for some reason, a failed piece.  These bottles were sometimes kept to illustrate some flaw in form or technique. Sometimes they were thrown into a pile to be melted down to produce the inexpensive straw-covered bottles commonly used for Italian table wine.  Today we use the term to describe a complete and humiliating failure.


This will be an exhibition of failed works of art.  Artists will be asked to contribute a piece that they, for whatever reason, feel is a failure.  This is not to say that they are bad works, but rather they simply failed to live up to the hopes or expectations of the maker in some way – technical, conceptual, etc.


Failure is a regular, predictable, and we would argue, essential aspect of every artist’s creative practice.  Indeed, giving oneself the permission to fail is essential to the experimentation and risk-taking that allow the work to evolve in exciting and unexpected directions.  Unfortunately, especially for the art student, failures in the studio can feel like personal failures, and can cause the kind of apprehension and anxiety that hinders creative growth.  It is our hope that this exhibition will allow for a conversation about success, failure, and healthy studio practice, and will encourage creative individuals of every stripe to accept, embrace, and learn from the happy (and not so happy) accidents that happen every day.


Participating artists include: Elysia Michaelsen, Dannon Schroeder, Yuan Zhou, Swapna Das, Joseph Shetler, Lisa Hoffner, Danielle Godreau, Anthony Pessler, Henry Leo Schoebel, Diana Clauss, Alison Dunn, Samantha Fricano, Ed Kennefick, Dean Reynolds, Shijuan Xu, Joe Holdren, AJ Nafziger, Ellie Honl, Rossitza Todorova, Dan Lam, Shane Smith, Adam Montoya, Colleen Donohoe, Kevin Carin and Brad Konick.