"From the very first existence of humankind, an ongoing fragility between man and nature has been stretched and strained like a rubber band. Not completely snapping in two, the balance has been sustainable thus far. The human need to rely on nature for its abundance of resources exposes the weaknesses and strengths of our existence. The examination of human perspective towards the natural world has been a progressive tool for cognitive development since the origin of our species."  - Dannon Schroeder


Drainage is an EcoArt series showcasing intricately crafted wood sculptures that both visually and conceptually address many of the key topics presented at the 2015 Balance-Unbalance Conference. Created within this past year, these artworks resonate with deeply rooted references to ecology, biology and sociobiology. The sculptures directly address topics such as water access and sustainability, climate change, environmental awareness and urban growth. The work has been crafted using locally salvage woods and desert foliage as well as reclaimed hardwoods.

Selected works from this series will be on exhibition during the 2015 International Balance/Unbalance Conference Art Exhibition: Water, Climate and Place, Re-Imagining Environments at The Night Gallery from March 19-28. Exhibition details available under Upcoming Exhibitions

Explore the conference at  http://www.balance-unbalance2015.org 

The online gallery below showcases the complete series of handmade wooden sculptures by EcoArtist Dannon Schroeder. For art acquisitions, inquiries, commissions and/or private viewings, contact the artist here.

Break Glass in case of Emergency, 2015. 25" x 27" x 6". Basswood, Poplar, Walnut, glass, vinyl.

Induce, 2015. 10" x 6" x 3". Basswood.

Adjust, 2015. 12" x 6" x 2.5". Figured Oak, Basswood.

Diffuse, 2015. 16" x 10" x 3". Basswood, poplar, cholla skeleton.

Restraint, 2015. 48" x 8" x 14". Basswood.

Restraint (detail), 2015. 48" x 8" x 14". Basswood.

Drainage, 2014. 22" x 10" x 4". wood veneer, maple.

Sustain, 2014. 48" x 3" x 4". yellow heart, bamboo shoot.

Abandonment, 2014. 40" x 20" x 20". basswood, glass, resin.