Phalaenopsis Orchid at the Sanctuary, June, 2017. 

They may not speak to use verbally, but plants do communicate their needs and wants.  Our plants are carefully inspected on a regular basis for signs of proper lighting, watering, fertilizing and potential pests. Whatever they may need to enhance their standard of life and improve growth, we provide it. 

We Love Plants!


The Botanical Conversation Sanctuary is a rehabilitation nursery for flora of all kinds and species. The sanctuary provides optimum consideration and care for each individual plant based on its specific needs for water, light and love. Consistent temperature fluctuations between indoor and outdoor settings keep all living flora at the Botanical Conversation Sanctuary at optimum growth potential.

Don't Have a Green Thumb?! We Adopt Plants!

The BCS accepts donations of living flora species within Zone 9 temperate regions as well as other floral species outside zones (exotics, tropicals, succulents, etc.). We provide critical consideration and inspection of all donated plants (dying or thriving) to assess if a revival plan is needed for recovery. Donations of planters, clay pots, plastic tubs and bins as well as gardening supplies/tools are also generously accepted. Please contact the Botanical Conservation Sanctuary

An interior space with full indirect lighting houses a community space for some of the succulents and tropical varieties of plants at the BCS. Regular rotation and placement are provided for all plants at the sanctuary. October, 2017. 

As a steward and advocate for the natural world, I cherish and love all types of flora for it’s wonderfully unique and precious presence towards humanity. With plants and flora the benefits always outweigh the costs. Plants truly give much, more than they take....and that is rare in this world.

-founder Dannon Schroeder

PLANTS ARE LIVING, just like us. THEY ALSO NEED LOVE, just like us. 

Considerations for growth, including physical (touch) and audible (sonic waves), are provided at the BCS for optimum growth and care! Plants are proven to be affected through sonic waves that are absorbed through their physical being. We like to turn up the tunes at the BCS to help our groovy green friends grow. We also prefer to physically (and very gently) give our plants some tender touches and encouragement to help get through the tough times of transplantation, propagation, pruning, and nutrient deprivation. 

It sounds silly to some, but we believe that plants that receive respect and love will grow better and live longer; They have bright blooms and sweet scents. Regardless of scientific studies and worldwide research in academia, the results can be seen in person at the Botanical Conservation Sanctuary!