Love earth. Live well. 

Let us transition your most cherished memories into your most admired keepsakes. Weddings, birthdays, anniversaries, prom, performances, awards, and banquets often display beautiful florals that last only for a mere few days. Instead of tossing those lovely (and costly) flowers into the trash, consider having them preserved and used in a creative display for continued appreciation and enjoyment!

We can use YOUR florals from that memorable occasion and create a work of art that will keep your special day preserved for many more to come. Wall mounted frames, shadow boxes, customizable artworks, and pedestal mounts are available for displays. Floral preservation methods include natural, assisted/expedited, and/or pressed. For optimum results, contact us prior to your florals last dying/drying day to discuss creative preferences, mounting option, pricing, and pre-preservation consultation.  


Its more than just leaving it out to dry...

The Preservatory at Love Earth. Live Well. engages the energy transference that all living matter experiences as it transitions from one phase to another. Flora of all types and species are cared for and preserved with consideration of form and intention. Various stages of preservation include harvesting, aesthetic assessment, pre-conditioning, moisture reduction, post-conditioning, arrangement and/or storage.



Studio shot of the Preservatory drying tables and stock. October, 2017.

Celebration of Life pedestal arrangement for Lula Moon, 2017. (detail) 

Preserved stock of various leaves, seeds, shells, and florals at the Preservatory. October, 2017.

Preservation tables and stock. October, 2017.